I like switching gears and changing it up half way through vacation. It gives you a completely different experience in the same place. We were ready for a different pace after leaving Beaches. We played in bed all morning and took it easy the whole day. Sorry for the overload of Turks and Caicos pictures. I take so many photos on vacation and then I get home and our “normal life” isn’t all that photogenic ;).  “Real life” is preschool drop offs and pick ups, mommy and me classes, story time classes, running arraigns, house duties and the never ending cycle of preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not so glammerous! But I love is so much!

My brother and his fiancé came to stay with us. The kids and I don’t get to see uncle Jake and aunt Megan that often so when they told me they were coming to celebrate her birthday with us I was so excited! They are the sweetest couple ever. It makes my heart so happy to see the love they have for each other. I can’t imagine a more perfect girl for my brother. They are only twenty 23 and 26 and have been together for seven years.. I loved talking about wedding plans with them,  they are deciding on having a destination wedding in Puerto Rico or keeping it close in New Smyrna Beach where they both live. I’m pulling for PR.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you guys have a great day!

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