Realizing this is my first blog post of the year, I want to get back on here more! Life is busy and Roland and Kyla are usually on opposite nap times from Kora so its impossible to find moments alone to get anything done. Every asked what the big difference between two and three are. I felt like with two things were very manageable but this third little love makes life and all the things I want to do a big juggling act. Motherhood is about prioritizing though. For me its so important to spend every minute enjoying my babies and then try to get everything else in while they are sleeping. I still struggle with finding that balance. I’d clean the house, do laundry and get in a little blogging here and there after Roland and the kids went to bed. But recently, I started prioritizing my own sleep. Talk about life changing. Getting less done but I feel so much better. I have way more patience and way more fun with the kids everyday and speaking of patience last night was pretty special. We made valentines cookies from scratch as a family and the kids loved it so much. Even Daddy Ro was super into it. Kora was right there doing everything too like a big girl and they were covered in flour, and sugar and frosting from head to toe. So worth the mess!

ps. Pottery Barn is having a big sale- y’all know me I get all my Holliday goodies for the next year as soon as they go on sale the day of or after. I linked a few cute v-day things that I’m getting today and I also linked the kid’s table and chairs which are on sale too! I feel like I’ve never seen them on sale before. A little tip on buying seasonal sale stuff.. it always sells out within a day or two of that Holliday so grab it while its available! Hope you all have a great valentines day! xo

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