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Like every birthday we start the festivities off with an epic cake smash and this year we took it to the next level on Roland’s fourth birthday! Not pictured here is the family cake/food fight we had after I set my camera down. We try to make their birthdays super fun and doing a cake smash every year has become our little birthday tradition. Pure happiness is all I can say about it. Watching Roland and Kyla have so much fun together makes my mama heart so happy-and Kora join in on the fun! I was not exactly planning on her actually eating any cake but nothing ever goes as planned. She was loving it! I always buy their cake’s from our local grocery store. Publix double filled butter cream vanilla cakes are soooo good! I could eat a whole cake by myself. I think every non baby pound I gained during my pregnancy with Kora was all that double butter cream yumminess. The pictures in the begginning are from Kyla’s first birthday, then there are two quick ones of Ro’s first birthday. We had a huge party for him and I didn’t get to take many photos. I’ve learned to do our cake smash before their party if I want pictures!

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