It wasn’t that long ago but I’m already missing this day. We were on the boat all morning and came in for lunch when Kora decided to start crawling. She was only six months old and nows she’s nine months and moved and grooven all around the house. Time seems to move exponentially faster when you become a mom. I love watching my babies grow and conquer each milestone but I wish time could just slow down a bit. I’m so glad I started getting better about taking more home videos of the kids. I know, as a mom these videos will be everything to me and when they grow up and move out I can always go back to these days in these videos.

Roland, Kyla and Kora are always nakey little babes. I put clothes on them several times a day, only for them to come right off minutes later. They just prefer to hang out around the house in their birthday suits. So, most of our home video will stay “home”, but I’m looking forward to posting some more every month! Thanks for watching. Hope y’all have a great day!

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