Before kids we tried to do the most and see all that we possibly could in the little bit of time we had on vacations. We always left the town, or state, or country feeling like we DID IT. We wanted to do a big adventure with the kids last summer before Kora arrived so we flew into San Francisco and drove most of the state down to San Diego where we flew out. I think we logged a collective forty six hours in the car with Ro and Kai. We visited  just about every spot I’ve always wanted to see. As awesome of a trip that was, thats exactly what is was..a “trip” not exactly a “vacation”!ha! Between driving and hiking with kids on our backs, checking in and out of numerous hotels, getting in and out of the car way too many times, it was work!

So, this summer the plan was to take it easy..As much as Ro and Kai love big adventures, they have the best time just hanging at a pool or playing in the sand and they don’t need to be on a new beach in a new place every day. Sometimes less is more. Although staying at Beaches and Seven Stars was just what we had in mind for an easy trip, I couldn’t have imagined leaving Turks and Caicos with a resort experience only.  We had to get a little adventure in there some where.

It was my favorite day of the whole trip! We took a speed boat from Providence where all the resorts are over to Middle Caicos where there was literally nothing!..Nothing, but unspoiled beaches and pure beauty all around. When we pulled up to the docks I was expecting some kind of rental car setup for tourist. Nope. Just a one man operation loaning out his own personal van. A 1990 VOXY! It’s like a miniature mini van. Our Voxy had no AC and only the driver door opened. The steering wheel was on the opposite side and we drove on the opposite of the road. It was so fun, we had the entire island to ourselves. I don’t think we ever saw another car on the road. These pics are just a few snaps from that day. Kai was napping so its just Ro and Kora.. We found the coolest cave I’ve ever seen. -didn’t get any photos of it but took lots of videos. I’m just starting to learn final cut pro and its a lot of to learn! We just got home from gymnastics and lunch. The Kiddos are all sleeping so I’m working on a movie of our Turks and Caicos trip right now. yay!

Hope you enjoy your weekend! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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