The caves on the Middle Caicos Island were out of this world! We spent the whole day exploring them. I just started a new bible study and today we talked a lot about love. My favorite subject mainly because my biggest goal in life is to be happy and I think the secret to happiness is to know God and to love him with all of our heart. Then we maybe able to love in a way so grand that it comes full circle and fills our love tank.

One of the most important things we can do in our lives is invest in the people we love. To invest in them is to love them. Think about them. Study them. Know their every like and dislike, know what makes them happy and brings them down, know their strengths and weaknesses, know the inner workings of their mind, learn their love language(s) and then love them in the ways they* need to be loved. We’re all so different but so much the same. We all just want to be happy and to love and be loved. This thought has helped me so much in my relationships as a wife and mother.

Hope ya’ll have a great day!<3


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