Hope everyone had the best Thanksgiving! We went to my cousins home and stayed out so late because all the little baby cousins were having a ball together. Also, this is our first Thanksgiving and Christmas with Jacob. He just joined our family this year. My mom adopted him at the beginning of the year and any time he’s out of school he likes to come stay with us. The kids just adore him! He’s such a special guy, we love him so much!

Today was a lot of fun! We went to see The Grinch. Such a cute movie. Way better than the older version. Kora liked it but she preferred to be climbing up and down the stairs in the theater instead. We were pretty close to the front which was tempting her to crawl up to the screen. I took the girls out in the hallway for a while to let the other movie goers enjoy it without the the extra sound effects of the girls laughing and talking and me chasing after Kora. Ro and Jacob stayed and watched the whole thing. Roland felt so big getting to stay in the theater with Jacob. Even though I love having my babies so close in age it sure is nice to have that age gap and the help! After the movie we got lunch and ice cream and did a little Christmas window shopping in the toy department until Daddy Ro got off work. We met up with him to get our Christmas Tree! The kids and I ate pop corn and ran around while daddy picked out the perfect tree. He’s so good at that! I can’t wait to decorate it tomorrow!

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