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We got all dressed up in the car after I picked the kids up from school and had some time to play before their Christmas recital. It was Kyla’s very first, and Ro’s last preschool program. Roland will start vpk next fall. They both tend to get a little nervous for these types of things so thought it would be good to loosen up before their big show. We played catch, rolled down the golf course hill (before they got dressed), played simon says, and then they got to open their very first Christmas present. So glad we made time to do this rather then rushing all the way home to get ready only to rush back with little butterflies in their belly. I think Roland was still a little nervous on stage. He’s always the one singing the biggest and loudest but this year when he got on stage I saw this new thinking/nervous face I’ve never seen before. Kyla wasn’t nervous at all. She was a little darling up there. The minute she spotted us in the audience she was more interested in showing her teacher where we were. She kept pointing and yelling there’s my mommy with the sweetest little voice. So so cute. I was very proud of them both.

This is one of Kyla’s many Christmas dresses I got from Nordstrom. I’m a big sale shopper especially for Christmas clothes because they only wear them for such a short time. I get almost everything the year before right after the holidays when everything goes on sale. Here are a few of my favorite shops that have great sales right after Christmas. I’ve already added a ton of things in my cart that I’m getting the kids for next year! See the end of this post

Nordstrom Sales

H & M Sales

Neiman Marcus Clearance

Forever21 Sale

Barneys New York Sale

Here are the girls’ Christmas dresses for next year. Waiting for them to go on sale after Christmas.

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