Whoo hoo its Thursday! We are going on a much needed date night tomorrow with my two best fiends and their husbands. Going to a comedy show benefiting the Treasure Coast Food Bank. The TCFB works with big companies around the state to get food and baby products and sells it to us and other organizations at their cost to help people in need. Thanks to the TCFB Roland and I are able to sponsor The Buggy Bunch diaper closet helping mothers and babies in our community. If you want to support them and have some fun too come join us tomorrow (click here)!

Someone said something to me the other day that I took to heart and made me think about how we all compare ourselves to one another. Comparing yourself to others is a sure way to kill your happiness! Even in knowing that we still do it. We have all done it! Theres always someone doing or appears to be doing life better. It’s so important to me to be intentional about my thoughts and guard my mind and my heart from letting myself go there. The comment came from another mom, who might be looking at others and neglecting to see the wonderful things about her own life. If we fix our minds and hearts on being thankful for those things we do have, big and small, we won’t get down over the things that others have. If we celebrate ourselves and restrain from comparing we’ll also celebrate the good things that come to our friends and neighbors. I think this is so important to our happiness. So, without knowing this mama very well I do know these three things about her (in comparison to me for the sake of her and I’s conversation).. She has a lot of free time, much more than I do to go to the gym or to read a book or do any of the other things I’d like to do; she has one beautiful baby girl and a mother who is obsessed with her grand baby and begs to watch her so she and her husband get to go on lots of date nights and date days. Once you have three babies it’s a lot harder. Roland and I have two choices, ask a family member and feel bad about putting the giant work load that comes with caring for three little ones, on them, or pay a premium for two baby sitters (which we haven’t done yet but are on the brink). -And best of all (to me), her husband stays home with her and their baby while making money from his past employment. She has his company and his help all day long. From my perspective that “must be nice”! – which I said to her because that all sounds very nice to me! It’s so easy to compare but it’s also pretty easy to not compare once you’ve realized God has made your life perfectly just for you. All we have to do is trust him, do our part and be thankful for everyday.

Here’s a bit from Joel Osteen on the subject(click here).. (I KNOW a lot of people are not a fan but I take him for a christian motivational speaker and I really enjoy listening to his sermons while I’m folding laundry or picking up the house). I love what he said about the mom who “just makes the Childs lunch” that hit home with me! As much as I know my greatest work will be raising up my children I sometimes struggle with wanting to do even more. Before babies, I was a financial advisor and had every intention of taking over Wall Street HA! Turns out God had a better plan for my life. I’m the grocery getter, meal maker, booty wiper, mama and I thank him for it everyday:)

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