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I remember seeing Beaches pictures and commercials and thinking I can’t wait to have a family and go there! haha. It looked like a dream vacation for kids and it really was! They had thought of everything. The food was top notch and the activities were so fun. We stayed in a cute two bedroom, two story villa in the Key West Village. Between morning naps, afternoon naps, and just being lazy, we spent a lot of time in our little house by the sea.

A  tip if you want to book a trip with Beaches.. wait for a good deal! With our family of five we were required to get a villa and they are quite pricey. I researched Beaches in the beginning of the summer and kinda just decided not to go but then Daddy Ro saw a last minute special going on which popped up two or three days before we wanted to take our vacation! It was such a big discount that we got the villa I would have never considered getting!

We took all of the pics with my iPhone and go pro. We literally did the waterslides over a hundred times. The second we got off Ro and Kai would say mommy again!-again! They loved it so much and listening to them hysterically laughing the whole way down made me happy to do it again and again and agaaaaain. Roland got a kick out of videoing himself going down.. The videos are so cute.

I just got final cut pro today and started editing clips of our trip. I can’t wait to make my first movie! I’ll post it on here soon. As much as I will always love taking pictures of the kids, I am kinda starting to really appreciate videos even more. I’m hoping I can somewhat master this software enough and start making lots of fun movies with the kids… Youtube here I come!

Hope you guys have a great day!


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