Kora wanted that pizza and she wasn’t taking no for an answer! Kyla was not exactly trying to give away her slice but she was sweet and gave her the crust. Kora was in pure heaven with that chunk of crust. Things were so different with Roland and even Kyla when they were babies. If it wasn’t a pure organic vegetable, they weren’t getting it. Made the grandparents so annoyed. I’m a lot more relaxed on things like that now, sometimes you just gotta roll with it. These pics are from our first day of the trip. We got there in the evening after all the big slides were closed and everyone was getting ready for dinner. It was pretty cool to have the whole waterpark to ourselves.

Roland (Daddy Ro) went to the Bahamas last weekend on a guys fishing trip. I was happy for him to go have some fun but not so excited about doing a couple nights by myself. I have a whole new found respect for single parents every time I have a night alone with the kids.  Together, we divide and conquer. I’m still tired from being up with Kora but one baby is very doable to me. Kora still wakes up three or four times to feed and a couple other times for a diaper change or some snuggles. Roland and Kyla both have to go to the bathroom two or three times in the middle of the night. Little blatters! Between potty breaks and Kyla waking up when we senses no one sleeping next to her, I was going back and fourth all night long.

Got me thinking, when was the last time I ever had a full night sleep? Four or five years ago! Even before having your first baby, when I was pregnant with Ro I was getting up every hour to pee! I’ve been day dreaming about going away for two nights, getting a hotel close by and going to sleep! All day and all night! -Wake up, order room service, eat, go back to sleep, and repeat. Has anyone done this? As much as that sounds like a dream, my mama heart is getting in the way of booking it. I researched hotels today and all I could think was how much the kids love hotels and would have a blast going there! haha ughhhhh. Maybe one day I’ll actually do it.

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  1. Taylor oconnell ON

    I completely understand how you feel with the no sleeping thing. Last month when Teagan was 15 months I left in the afternoon (left her and Rileigh with dad) and went two hours away with some girlfriends. I did not enjoy it at all, cried and wished I wouldn’t have gone. If it wasn’t two hours away I would’ve made someone come get me. I missed that baby so much. You deserve to go get that hotel and sleep all day/night but you probably wouldn’t make it through the night if you got one close to home.

    • Taylor! Yes, we are both in the same boat. A full night sleep sounds heavenly, but in reality I’d be missing them and wanting them there with me:)